Hotels in Norfolk with opportunities to walk along the Norfolk Coast Path

The Norfolk Coast Path is a long stretch of land that follows the North Norfolk Coast and has a combination of sand dunes, low cliffs, sandy beaches, marshes, and sanddunes. The route trails past the seaside town of Sheringham and all the way to Cley-next-the-Sea, which is home to the Cley Marshes Nature Reserve. What’s great about the path is that on any given day, you can often have it all to yourself. The terrain is mostly flat and you’ll walk beside the saltmarshes, looking out to sea. The area has an abundance of birds to spot and beautiful flora and fauna to enjoy. Choose from a wide range of beautiful hotels in Norfolk so that you will be able to experience the path more conveniently and make a holiday of it!

The Norfolk Coast Path was opened in December 2014 and is part of a country-wide plan to open a National Trail around the whole of the UK coastline. The remaining stretches are expected to open over the next three years.


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